Telangana Ext Polls BRS

Telangana polling was completed the other day. Almost all Exit polls have predicted Congress coming to power comfortably or being the single largest party (in a few Exit Polls).

Axis My India which is known to be very accurate in such surveys held back its Exit Poll result saying that it needs more time to process the data since the voting went on till night with people in queues.

BRS cadres, leaders, and supporters were hoping for a wonder in this Exit Poll to rejuvenate its hopes.

But then, Axis My India also predicted a comfortable position for Congress.

The Exit Poll gives 68 seats for Congress, just 39 seats for BRS, and six each for BJP and MIM. Sixty-eight means the magic number (59) is easily breached.

Even with the support of MIM or even the BJP, the seats will be still less than Congress’s. So, the Grand Old Party will be pretty comfortable.

Only the Hyderabad region gives a lead for BRS while the Central Telangana and South Telangana regions give a sweep to Congress.

In terms of Vote Share, BRS lost 10% vote share when compared to the 2018 elections and is at 36% while Congress is at 42% up by 10% up swing.

This agency says a comfortable victory for Congress and from here, BRS can only hope for a miracle, and for one such day, all the survey agencies get wrong.

Let us wait for December 3rd for the Actual numbers!