Mudragada-Padmanabham-YS-JaganMudragada Padmanabham has once again started writing letters. This time it is about the arson that happened in Konaseema after government decided to name it after BR Ambedkar.

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The incident has happened two months ago. Cases were registered and arrests have happened as well. Mudragada woke up all of sudden and wrote a letter advocating unity of castes.

While saying it is no wrong to name the district after Ambedkar, he also supported the other side’s argument that it is a fair argument to have the district named after GMC Balayogi.

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Mudragada said that whatever development in Konaseema has happened due to GMC Balayogi but one can not oppose naming the district after the father of Indian Constitution.

While there is no debate about Ambedkar, Mudragada tried his level best not to say a word against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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He went on to write that Balayogi’s name may not be considered for some reason. Mudragada is very well aware that Balayogi’s name is not considered because he is a TDP leader.

But Mudragada will not tell that and corner Jagan Mohan Reddy.