Mudragada PadmanabhamMudragada Padmanabham wrote a letter to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy thanking him for striking away all the cases pertaining to Tuni Arson and others. The letter started with saying Thanks and ended up saying his tragic story elevating himself.

He went on to say he wanted to meet the Chief Minister personally to thank him on the issue but could not as people will cast aspirations on his meeting. He also added he wanted to thank Chandrababu for sending the BC-F file to the Central Government back then but could not due to the same reason.

In both the issues, he termed his life as ‘Ee Rendu Vishayallo Anandam Pondhaleni Jeevithamandi’. “Many people will meet you in the one name or the other. They will not have any problem. But I should not meet anyone. I think it is some sin I committed long back (Eppudo Chesukunna Papam).

Thanking Jagan for the issue of the case is fine, he should have also asked the Chief Minister for snatching away his happiness by dropping the proposal to include the Kapu community in the BC-F category. Who will hear Mudragada’s Veils if he does not lend his voice for the cause?