Lokesh Goes Missing!Andhra Pradesh politics have become very volatile. Anti-incumbency is peaking on the Ruling establishment and everyone can sense that an early election is round the corner.

We have seen Pawan Kalyan cutting down his film commitments and come to Andhra Pradesh every weekend. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan will take up a statewide yatra from Dussehra.

While there is activity in Janasena camp, Nara Lokesh has disappeared from Political arena for around a month. Last time, we have seen is when he visited Palnadu last month.

Some of the areas in Andhra Pradesh were severely battered by floods and the Government failed miserably in coming to the rescue of the affected.

Lokesh should be ideally be on the Ground Zero and doing the relief activities. Before 2014 elections, Chandrababu did something similar to Telugu people stranded in Uttarakhand floods. That has ensured people’s perspective completely change about TDP. We know what happened in that election.

Chandrababu Naidu had to hit ground. Meanwhile, a picture of Lokesh vacationing in some foreign country leak on social media. It was such bad optics for a leader to be in a vacation when certain areas are reeling under a calamity.

It is a personal photo and the picture getting leaked is a complete failure of the party organization.

Lokesh worked so hard to erase the bad impression created on him between 2014-19 and should not squander it at the last minute. The proactiveness and optics in these months before the elections are very important. The sooner Lokesh realizes the better it is for him and the party.