Until few months ago, BJP is the second major party in the Telangana state. The party has gained momentum after Dubbaka By-election win and from there, there is no looking back.

We have seen them put a good show in the GHMC Elections too. Bandi Sanjay was taking KCR head on and also worked hard on the ground with a Padayatra.

But then, things changed after the Karnataka Assembly elections. BJP there lost the Election due to rampant corruption allegations and Congress in Telangana also got a filip after Congress won in Karnataka.

It was then the Devil in the minds of the BJP High command woke up. They sacrificed their prospects in Telangana to avoid division of the anti-government vote which may help the Congress.

They replaced Bandi Sanjay with Kishan Reddy who brought the entire activity to a standstill.

But then, the results shocked the BJP. Congress won and the saffron party had to confine to just eight seats.

It may appear that it is just one state lost for BJP while it won three more states in recent elections. But there is more than what the eye meets here.

Congress is heading two of the richest states and they will fund big for the 2024 General Elections campaign of Congress. This will be the biggest regret of the BJP in the entire fiasco.