It is no exaggeration to say people are extremely tense and eagerly looking forward to the counting day of the Andhra Pradesh election on June 4th.

There is nerve-wracking tension mounting among those who have bet huge sums of money on gambling.

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With two weeks still to go, this group is pooling everything they can and betting big, hoping to make quick money.

On the other hand, die-hard party supporters who don’t gamble are also losing sleep due to high tension. They are checking social media and websites every minute update keenly to find anything that makes them feel comfortable.

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By June 1st evening, when the exit polls are released, there should be crystal-clear clarity on who is winning, as the high voting percentage should eliminate any confusion regarding the exit polls. This will likely resolve the major suspense. So far, all known, credible psephologists are predicting a one-sided win for the TDP+ alliance.

Even then, when the counting begins, heartbeats will rise like never before, but within a few hours, everything should be clear if there is a definitive ‘wave.’

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