KTR commentsTelangana Minister KT Rama Rao responded to the IT employees’ protest, asking, “What is the relationship between AP politics and Telangana politics? Why are there rallies here? They advised holding them in AP.

KTR cautioned that rallies should be organized to make an impact in Rajahmundry. He also warned that those who conduct rallies and protests in Telangana will not be left unattended.”

Many netizens are countering KTR by pointing out that TDP is not limited to Andhra Pradesh but also has a presence in Telangana. They mention that Chandrababu Naidu served as the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh for nine years and played a significant role in developing Hyderabad.

It’s worth noting that Hyderabad is still the common capital for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. BRS party leaders have repeatedly mentioned in the Assembly that Chandrababu is the leader who contributed to the development of Telangana.

Even in challenging times for TDP, it’s evident that people remember and appreciate these contributions. Currently, there are several TDP leaders in KCR’s party, including MLAs who won in the 2019 elections.

When the BRS branch was established in AP under the name of a national party, TDP supporters are questioning how holding peaceful rallies could disrupt law and order. They point out that the constitution grants the right to hold peaceful protests and rallies anywhere, and it would be beneficial for KTR to acknowledge this.

Political analysts believe that the developments in Andhra Pradesh are likely to impact Telangana politics. While the ruling BRS party in Telangana has maintained strategic silence regarding Chandrababu’s arrest, many leaders within the party are not bound by this silence. It appears that CM KCR is also closely monitoring the developments related to Chandrababu’s arrest.