Visakhapatnam Steel Plant privitization is one issue that has done damage to YSRCP in the district and the state. No one wanted it to happen and the previous government put no efforts in convincing the central government on the same.

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Now, AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu assured that he will go to any length in protecting Andhra’s pride, Visakha Steel Plant.

“It is our responsibility to protect Visakha Steel Plant as it is the pride of our Telugu diaspora. YSRCP kept on lying about the steel plant when they were in power. YSRCP is a factory that produces only lies,” stated Babu.

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“We secured the factory by protesting against the government back in time. Later when the government wanted to privatize, we made sure to turn down that. Now, it is time again for us to protect our steel plant. We will put all our efforts in doing so,” assured Chandra Babu Naidu to the public.

During a public meeting, Chandra Babu Naidu assured the public of fighting for the welfare of the plant. On the other hand, central minister HD Kumara Swamy conducted a review meeting with the officials of RINL Plant and assured to protect it.

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With assurance from both state and central governments, people are now strongly believing that the steel plant will not be privatized.