YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who fears facing Media opts only for his favorable media to give interviews before the elections.

TV9 has become the unofficial mouthpiece of the YSR Congress after 2019.

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Jagan gave an interview to TV9’s Rajinikanth in 2019 and repeated the same this election too.

On expected lines, Rajinikanth asked all softball questions that will help Jagan and YSR Congress in these elections.

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Jagan gave a long speech about the Land-Titling Act. He tried to mask the issue by speaking half-truths.

The Land Titling Act became a major election issue mainly because of Jagan’s photos on the Passbooks.

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The photos added credence to the Opposition’s claims that Jagan is after the lands of the people.

Also, there is no answer from the Government about the hurry to implement the Act when BJP-ruled states themselves are in doubt.

TV9 Rajinikanth did not ask the question about why there are photos of Jagan on the passbooks.

Without addressing that properly, there is no end to the controversy.

YSR Congress is saying that there were photos of Chandrababu on Ration Cards and is questioning why not Jagan photos on Passbooks.

Ration Cards or Welfare Schemes for that matter are something Governments give people. Even though that is Public money, we can exempt the photos to some extent.

Passbooks are records of the Assets hard-earned by the people or passed on to them by their fathers or grandfathers. The Government has no role in it.

For the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh, a Chief Minister had his photo instead of the Government emblem.

Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan talking about the photos on the Passbooks. That is the language the commoners can understand. Jagan and YSR Congress leaders are speaking complex technical language that people can not understand.