Its been a month since the sad demise of Legendary Media Baron Ramoji Rao.

Immediately after Ramoji Rao’s demise, a section particularly those in support of YSR Congress started spelling doom for the Eenadu group. They said Eenadu and the other companies in the group can not sustain without Ramoji Rao’s guidance and will collapse sooner or later.

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But then, Eenadu group will flourish even without Ramoji Rao.

The Media Baron who finalized the place where he will rest permanently while he was alive was aware of this situation and readied his heirs to lead the businesses.

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Ramoji Rao is the Group Chairman when he was alive and the family is thinking on the lines to keep the position vacant in his memory and respect.

Eenadu Group of Companies will be led by his son, Kiran. In fact, Kiran has been the MD of Eenadu for a long time and has a complete grip.

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ETV Network Channels will be managed by CEO K Bapineedu. He is also involved in the day to day affairs of ETV Win, the OTT platform started by Eenadu group recently.

Ramoji Rao reportedly constituted a strong Editorial team from the last thirty years and the team is already carrying out Eenadu’s day to day affairs.

Only the broader principles were set by Ramoji Rao. In his last 2-3 months, this team was operating independently. While Ramoji Rao was aware of what is happening, he is not involved on a daily basis, we are told.

Shailaja Kiran, Ramoji Rao’s daughter-in-law is handling Margadarshi for a very long time and she will continue to do so.

Vijayeshwari, Ramoji Rao’s another daughter-in-law (Late Suman’s wife) is the Managing Director of Ramoji Film City and she will continue to do manage the World’s biggest Film City.

Ramoji Rao’s grand daughter Bruhathi (Kiran’s daughter) is looking after the affairs of ETV Bharat.

Dolphin Hotels are being managed by Sohana (Late Suman’s daughter) while Priya Foods is being managed by Sahari, Ramoji Rao’s another Grand daughter (Kiran’s another daughter).

This arrangement is not made in the months before Ramoji Rao’s health deteriorated. From many years, he believed in grooming the next generation to take up the challenges after him and prepared them accordingly.

So, every bit of a business is sailing smoothly without any trouble. The company that was started in 1962 will flourish for several years, the people in the know confidently say.