The counting for the Andhra Pradesh Assembly and Parliament elections will take place on June 4th.

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The Election Commission is making all arrangements to have a smooth conduct of the counting.

Every candidate can have one agent on his behalf to oversee the counting process.

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Tomorrow is the last date for the candidates to give details of their counting agent to the Returning officer so that the ID cards can be issued.

Only those with ID cards will be allowed inside the counting centers along with the candidates and the officials.

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Candidates of the YSR Congress are trying to buy out the independents and the unrecognized parties to have their own men as the Counting Agents.

YSR Congress is raising objections about the changed process of Postal Ballots.

In some cases, the Returning Officer will take a call on the validity of Postal Ballot Votes. YSR Congress believes a majority of these votes went to the TDP and are likely to impact the results.

So they want a majority of their own men in the counting centers as Agents so that they can force the RO if necessary.

The Returning Officer of Tirupati barred the Agents of Independents in the Counting Centers citing space restrictions in the Counting Center. YSR Congress is severely objecting to this move saying that the RO’s decision is against the spirit of the rules.

Meanwhile, the major political parties have started workshops for their Agents to oversee the counting on June 4th.

This is a fiercely contested election in Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress and TDP are working as if there is no tomorrow. We have also seen the splurge of violence after the polling like never before in recent elections. So, the counting day will be really hot in the state.