Out Of Power And Kodali Nani Is Already Forgotten?Kodali Nani was the most vocal minister in the first three years of Jagan’s rule. More than vocal, we can say he is the most abusive minister.

Despite getting more enemies for the sake of Jagan Mohan Reddy, he was shown the door out of the cabinet in the recent expansion.

To pacify him, Jagan appointed him as the Chairman of the AP State Development Corporation even before announcing the names of the new ministers.

But then, there is no such corporation in the first place, and is yet to be formed.

When there is no development at all, there is no use for such a board and being chairman of it, Kodali Nani felt and rejected the offer.

Even though Nani politely rejected the same, it is clear he got offended by the treatment of the Chief Minister despite working so hard for the party.

We have seen Jagan sending party seniors to the disgruntled leaders. He even called some of them to him and spoke to them. But he did not make such an attempt for Kodali Nani.

Buzz is that the Gudivada MLA’s supporters are fuming at this treatment despite slogging for Jagan for all these years.

Meanwhile, party supporters say Jagan should call Nani immediately and speak to him as the party could not afford to leave such a strong leader with elections around the corner.