Pawan Clear About TDP, Doubts BJP!Janasena‘s ninth Formation Day public meeting has concluded in Ippatam village near Mangalagiri. The speech consists of three parts. The first part is the political criticism on the ruling party.

The second part is almost like Janasena’s manifesto. It is like what the party would do if voted to power. The final part and the most important one is about Janasena’s future and alliance plans.

Pawan Kalyan clearly dropped doubts about BJP’s commitment to bring down Jagan. Maybe he is suspecting that BJP high command is supporting Jagan Mohan Reddy Government. He also kept his options open about alliance.

“BJP leadership assured me of giving a roadmap to defeat Jagan. I am still waiting for it. If that roadmap comes, I assure that anti-government vote will not be split,” Pawan said.

It is like Pawan Kalyan is vexed up with BJP’s high command delay in begining Operation Bring down Jagan and is waiting for them to give the promised Roadmap on that issue.

“Just like how anti-Congress forces united during the emergency, its time for anti-YSRCP forces to unite. When party and personal aspirations are left, we will then think about alliances,” he added.

That clearly implies he doubts BJP’s commitement to defeat Jagan and if that does not change, he will have his options always open (alliance with TDP).