Usually Very Trivial But Very Important For JanasenaJanasena Party is charged for its formation day public meeting in Ippatam village near Mangalagiri. This is the first speech of Pawan Kalyan after the release of his Bheemla Nayak film which was tormented by the ruling party. So, everyone is eagerly waiting.

Shanti Prasad, the party’s senior leader has let out an important note to the Janasainiks coming to the meeting and that underlines the biggest problem of Janasena.

“The speech is just not going to change the future of the Janasena party but will also change the future of the state. It is important to get it to the people. So, the attendees should listen to it calmly and peacefully,” he said.

He requested Janasainiks to be disciplined and do not shout slogans and whistles. He even asked people to control others if they are doing that at the meeting. “It is important to ensure the speech reaches the people,” he added.

Even though it sounds trivial, it is extremely important for Janasena. For that indiscipline, common people do not take Janasena seriously and only see Pawan Kalyan as a film actor. The indiscipline of Janasena supporters even irritated Pawan Kalyan at times and we have seen him firing on them.

Let us see what happens tomorrow.