Pawan Kalyan Set Revenge Date For JaganJanasena Party is gearing up to celebrate its formation day on the 14th of this month. A huge public meeting is being planned in Impatam village which is closer to Vijayawada – Chennai National highway near Mangalagiri. After some problems with 2-3 areas, they finally picked one suitable ground.

They have identified thirteen acres of land are leveling it using JCBs. Pawan Kalyan is said to be preparing a ballistic speech for this meeting in the wake of recent vendetta politics by the government on his Bheemla Nayak movie.

Pawan Kalyan has become silent as any backlash of him will make things more complicated for his movie and also the rest of the industry. Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam is releasing on March 11th and the producers of UV Creations are very close to Jagan.

They will obviously get the necessary G.O. for ticket prices hike. So, Pawan Kalyan is expected to lambast the Government big time in this meeting on March 14th. We will have to see how the government reacts to this, especially in the wake of Viveka’s murder case and the Amaravati court case going against the government.