Janasena Assisting Jagan's AgendaThe verdict of Andhra Pradesh High Court has come as a big boost for Amaravati farmers who have been agitating for over 800 days. TDP naturally gets the credit of this because Amaravati is the brainchild of Chandrababu Naidu.

Janasena is also keen on getting the credit because Pawan Kalyan has lent support to Amaravati. Janasena supporters have been trying for it but is walking into the trap of YSR Congress unknowingly. They have been arguing that Pawan Kalyan has influenced the judiciary through the Central Government to get a favorable verdict.

That is precisely the agenda of YSR Congress. They have been arguing that the courts are not being unbiased and have hidden political motives to give the judgment in favor of Amaravati Farmers. Janasena’s argument only strengthen the agenda of YSR Congress in this aspect.

And then, it is also not safe to cast aspirations to the judiciary. We have already seen how YSR Congress supporters are suffering due to that.