189 Farmers Passed Away In Amaravati Agitation Farmers who have given their lands for Amaravati have protested for more than 800 days and fought in courts to finally get a verdict in favor of Amaravati. They have cheered and rejoiced over the High Court‘s verdict which said Amaravati will continue as the capital and it should be executed in six months.

During this happy moment, farmers sadly remember 189 farmers who have passed away during the agitation. All of them are small farmers who have given half an acre to three acres for the capital and have actively participated in the agitation.

Most of them have participated in the protest in the morning and passed away in the evening due to the stress. They are under several mental stress and financial crisis after losing their lands, no work to do, and severe debts. They stare at a dark future due to Jagan‘s three capitals idea.

Meanwhile, the state government is contemplating to go for an appeal over this issue in the Supreme Court. A favorable judgment by the Supreme Court may be imminent before tabling new bills in the Assembly. That may delay the bills further.