We are just ten days away from the closure of the campaign of Telangana Assembly Elections. All the major parties are indulged in extensive campaigns but Janasenani Pawan Kalyan is totally missing.

Janasena is contesting in eight seats of Telangana but only the candidates are sweating it out with zero support from their President. Pawan Kalyan should win a minimum of 1-2 seats if not he will be taunted in Andhra Pradesh.

Janasena in Telangana is not even strong enough to the level of its AP branch to win without Pawan Kalyan’s campaign. Pawan Kalyan has ignored the state completely ever since he started the party. It has zero presence at the grassroots level.

YSR Congress will belittle him as much as possible with the results of Telangana.

Pawan Kalyan earlier joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Public meeting in Hyderabad. There are rumors that he will join the Prime Minister’s roadshow scheduled in Hyderabad on the 27th of this month.

That means Pawan Kalyan is helping the BJP and its candidates while ignoring his own party candidates.

There are rumors that he may not campaign at all for the party candidates. Sources say that Pawan Kalyan feels that if he campaigns hard and the party loses, he will be shamed by the YSR Congress and also that impact will be on AP politics.

So, he is trying to control the damage by not campaigning.

By doing that, he will weed out the possibility that Janasena candidates lose even with Pawan Kalyan’s vigorous campaign.

But then, this strategy is nothing but weird. If Pawan Kalyan is worried about losing, he should not have contested the election like TDP.

Helping the BJP and ignoring his own candidates will be a very bad remark on the party of Pawan Kalyan.

Also, helping the Saffron party makes no sense as the party is not showing interest in joining the TDP and Janasena alliance in Andhra Pradesh. Allying with BJP and helping their cause will only damage the alliance.