Pawan KalyanPawan Kalyan landed in Andhra Pradesh today to take part in a major event pertaining to JanaSena that is taking place on the 14th of this month. He was welcomed by his fans with loud cheers as usual.

But what caught the attention straight away was Pawan’s dressing. He sported a camouflage pant and a black tee shirt that was tucked in.

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YCP has already been trying their best to project Pawan as a part time politician. They’ve now found a new topic to target Pawan as he was seen in an attire that resembled a cinema costume.

While dressing up is a subjective thing, but once a politician steps out in public, each and every aspect is judged. Political opponents are always on the lookout to find reasons to target their enemies.

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Pawan’s costume is now being used by YCP as they say this cinema-like costume shows Pawan’s lack of seriousness in AP politics. The reason might be a silly one but Pawan has given them something to chew upon.