Pawan-Kalyan-YSRCPYSR Congress is preparing for an alliance between TDP and Janasena for a very long time. They are trying their best to foil their alliance and in worst case scenario, they want the vote transfer not to happen.

There was a friction between TDP and Janasena cadres ever since Pawan Kalyan’s comments on TDP at Janasena formation day meeting in 2018. The split between both the sides was so wide open that YSR Congress was almost certain about vote transfer not happening.

A huge section of Janasena leaders and followers are also in delusion and are speaking about getting half of the seats and power sharing.

Initially, they opposed the alliance altogether but Pawan Kalyan softened their stand by repeatedly mentioning about not allowing the anti-government vote to split.

The other day, he also handled the issue of seat-sharing and power-sharing. Pawan Kalyan minced no words and said one can not ask for power-sharing, without having a minimum of 30-40 seats.

“I would not agree if I am the President of Telugu Desam Party,” Pawan Kalyan said. No one would have shown the mirror to Janasena supporters so brutally.

Pawan Kalyan is mentally preparing the followers for reality. With elections ten months to go, the leaders and supporters will come into terms and ensure the smooth transfer of votes.

In a way, Pawan Kalyan ensured a soft landing while it was supposed to be a crash. YSR Congress will have enough reasons to worry now.