Pawan Kalyan Majority

Pithapuram is one of the most exciting assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh as it has JSP boss Pawan Kalyan in the contest. Though Jagan deployed Peddireddy Midhun Reddy to lead YCP’s campaign here, the local JSP cadres are extremely confident of a big win for Pawan Kalyan.

In this context, the poll turnout in Pithapuram has come as a pleasant surprise. It is reported that Pithapuram has seen over 81.45% polling(approximate) and this could go up further in the final reading. This is a very healthy polling percentage.

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The local strengths of TDP leader SVSN Varma who fought for Pawan’s cause here and led the election management are said to have paired with Pawan’s image and a huge win is likely Pithapuram.

Local observers say that based on the polarization of the votes, there is a chance that Pithapuram which had polled over 2.16 lakh could give Pawan a bigger majority than that of Jagan’s in Pulivendula.

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If this actually turns into reality, then the YCP ecosystem would be absolutely baffled by the nature of Pawan’s win and it would leave them absolutely clueless.