Pithapuram’s TDP in-charge SVSN Varma stood as a backbone for Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan throughout the elections in the Pithapuram constituency.

Although Varma was initially upset about not getting the Pithapuram ticket, he was convinced by TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu. After their meeting, Varma relentlessly worked for Pawan Kalyan in the constituency.

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He has been a big strength for Pawan during the campaign and is also highly confident about the alliance’s victory in the constituency. He confidently stated that Pawan would register a record majority in Pithapuram.

Meanwhile, the ruling YCP leaders have been over-confident and are underestimating Pawan Kalyan’s popularity in Pithapuram. They opined that Pawan would lose Pithapuram seat for sure.

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YCP leaders like Kodali Nani and Roja went a step further and challenged that they would never allow Pawan to even touch the gates of the state’s assembly.

When asked about their statements in a recent interview, Varma said, “Thakadam enti? Gate ni thannukuntu velthadu.”

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With this statement, Varma gave a “mass elevation” to Pawan Kalyan, expressing his confidence in Pawan’s victory. Meanwhile, the video of Varma’s statement is now going viral on social media.