Polavaram won't Be Complete In My Lifetime: UndavalliFormer MP Undavalli Arun Kumar made sensational comments on Polavaram Project. He said that the project will not be completed in his lifetime.

“I always said there can not be a time frame for the project by the way the works are going on. Minister Ambati Rambabu also said the same. He should be appreciated for it,” Undavalli sarcastically said.

“Who is responsible for the damage of Diaphragm wall? Did you make anyone responsible? Did you take action on anyone?,” the former MP questioned.

Undavalli demanded that a white paper should be released on the project. He demanded that government should rescue the people who lost their everything for the project.

“I am mentally prepared that Polavaram Project will never be completed. I am hoping at least a small reservoir will be built,” he said.

“YSR Congress always found fault with Chandrababu Naidu for taking the construction of the project from the Central Government. Why did they not give it back after coming to power?,” he questioned.