Prashant Kishor is the most revered Political Strategist who revolutionized the space of Psephology, Election Strategies, and Electioneering. He also has the highest success rate when it comes to bringing his clients to power.

Jagan Mohan Reddy himself is an example who cruised to a historic victory in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 with the help of Prashant Kishor. Jagan is targeting another victory in 2024.

But then, Prashant Kishor broke the back of YSR Congress with his prediction that Jagan is losing 2024. He categorically stated that giving away doles is not enough for winning and Jagan is not just losing, he is losing big.

YSR Congress is playing a psychological game with Voters in Andhra Pradesh. They have been sending a feelers that the party is invincible due to the freebies they are giving.

The talk about – Why Not 175?, Why Not Kuppam?, 99% Promises Kept, etc. were kind of Psychologically influencing slogans to give an impression that YSR Congress is winning big.

There are doubts even in TDP supporters and neutral voters if Jagan can be defeated with so many freebies. This is very dangerous especially because there are many people in the Neutral Voters who always tend to vote for the winning side. This is called the ‘Bandawagon Effect‘ in Politics.

Someone like Prashant Kishor saying Jagan is on a Sticky Wicket and Freebies are not enough will infuse confidence in everyone.

TDP is on a high recently after announcing candidates in 99 seats even before the notification and the Tadepalligudem meeting. After the Tadepalligudem meeting, there is also an impression that the Vote Transfer will happen between TDP and Janasena.

This statement of Prashant Kishor comes at the right time and will crush the morale of YSR Congress. Moreover, PK is someone who brought YSR Congress to power. Even though he is no longer working with YSR Congress, he will have enough ears on ground and also connections in I-PAC to know the ground reality. He also knows Andhra Pradesh Political Turf like nobody. So all this adds so much of credibility to his words.

We already saw many leaders are shifting from YSR Congress to TDP. This exodus will increase further in days to come since PK will infuse confidence in the fence sitters.