Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy

Just before the 2019 elections, we remember the then Opposition Party, YSR Congress brought up a Data Theft case to trouble Chandrababu Naidu’s Government. YSRCP made Hungama as if a big scam happened and the data privacy of the citizens is gone.

After coming to power, we have seen the case go nowhere, and to date, the Jagan Government could not prove anything. The case was pushed under the carpet.

Now, there are allegations of rampant misuse of the Government machinery to remove the votes of the Opposition and introduction of Bogus votes into the voters list.

Three months ago, Minister Seediri Appalaraju was seen asking the party cadre to remove the votes of the Opposition and keep only the votes of YSR Congress supporters.

Newspapers like Eenadu are revealing incidents of massive irregularities in voter lists in various constituencies across the state. The Election Commission also directed corrective measures over the irregularities.

Even then, we are seeing the media reports of more such irregularities in Newspapers and TV Channels directly.

Jagan Government did nothing about it and Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy started Reverse Engineering for this. He came to the media and claimed that TDP is resorting to Data Theft in the name of registering people on an app belonging to the TDP.

Sajjala says TDP is publicizing the manifesto of 2024 without credibility and is also collecting the data of the people which amounts to data theft. He alleges violation of the People’s Representation Act and Data Privacy Act.

He alleged that Chandrababu is trying to remove YSR Congress votes.

After making no progress in the 2019 Data Theft case, Sajjala started a new drama of Data Theft 2.0.

Sajjala should speak about the voter list tampering first before making these imaginary allegations. Moreover, if there is a data theft happening, it is not a political issue to talk in Pressmeets.

Probably, considering the track record in the first Data Theft case, Sajjala is resorting to a Pressmeet drama to divert using pressmeets.

The actual intention is to divert the topic from voter list tampering and crying on TDP’s door-to-door campaign of their manifesto.