On Saturday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy skipped the marriage of his sister Sharmila’s son in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The differences between Jagan and Sharmila hit the roof after the CM ditched his sister in the property issues. Also, Sharmila was completely sidelined from politics after Jagan came to power.

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Sharmila is fighting him politically joining the Congress party.

Meanwhile, Sakshi also blacked out the wedding from its Newspaper coverage today. It is interesting to note that Sakshi even covered a small snippet about the conclusion of the Raja Shyamala Yagam at Chandrababu’s residence in Hyderabad while it ignored Sharmila.

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Only a few days ago, Sharmila revealed that she also has a stake equal to Jagan in Sakshi. Even then, Sakshi ignored Sharmila.

Even though Sharmila has a stake in Sakshi, the Media Group is in complete control of YSR Congress.

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Jagan’s wife, Bharathi is running the day-to-day affairs of the Channel and Newspaper. There is no coverage of Sharmila’s personal affairs or political activities and at the same time, leaders criticizing and abusing Sharmila are getting the Prime Space.

Jagan’s style is as such besides denying a share for Sharmila in the family assets, he is using Sakshi as a weapon against Sharmila despite being the co-owner.