Seediri AppalarajuSeediri Appalaraju got an urgent call from the CMO and he immediately rushed to Tadepalli canceling all the appointments for today. This has fueled speculations that Appalaraju will be removed from the cabinet.

Seediri Appalaraju was a doctor and got a YSR Congress ticket for Palasa in 2019. He became an MLA in the first instance itself defeating TDP’s Gouthu Sireesha.

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Defeating the influential Gouthu Lachhanna’s family in the first election itself is a sensation.

Appalaraju got embroiled in many controversies after becoming the minister. The very next year after the election, he became a Minister thanks to the community equations (fishermen community). The controversies did not stop after that.

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Everyone thought he would lose the cabinet berth in the last rejig but Jagan surprised everyone by retaining him. Appalaraju was happy that he would be the Minister for the remainder of the term.

But it looks like the happiness is going to be short-lived. There are rumors that he may not even get the ticket from Palasa in 2024 as the survey reports suggest that his performance is very poor.

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Very recently, Appalaraju told the media that he is ready to resign if Jagan needs social equations in the cabinet. That itself indicates that Appalaraju is well aware of his fate.