Former Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was reduced to just eleven seats in the Assembly.

That puts YSR Congress below the 10% seats mark to attain the Main Opposition Status.

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Eighteen is the Minimum Number that is needed to get the Opposition Status in AP Assembly.

Opposition Status means Jagan will become the Leader of the Opposition and will get a Cabinet Rank.

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The Leader Of the Opposition will get the second importance in the house (after the leader of the house) in getting the Mike.

People have rejected the status for Jagan but he has written a letter to the Speaker requesting to consider him giving the Opposition Status.

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“Those who have more seats in the opposition should be given the status of opposition. Nowhere in the law it says 10 percent seats are mandatory to be given opposition status,” Jagan wrote.

“Only with the status of opposition, there is an opportunity to voice public issues strongly. With the status of an opposition party, one gets legal participation to participate in the proceedings of the assembly. I hope you consider this letter keeping all these in mind,” Jagan added.

Jagan came to power in 2019 saying “కేంద్రం మెడలు వంచి స్పెషల్ స్టేటస్ తెస్తా” and now is desperately pleading to give his Opposition Status.

What a Fall for Jagan!