Jagan-TDP-ManifestoYS Jagan Mohan Reddy addressed a Public meeting in Pattikonda. The CM’s speech there gave the impression that the recent Mahanadu of TDP and the Mini-manifesto have rattled Jagan.

The Chief Minister was venting out his frustration on Mahanadu and the manifesto.

Not talking about the merits of the manifesto or trying to match it, Jagan tried to downplay it saying that it got inspired by the Manifestos of the BJP and Congress in the recent Karnataka elections.

He also invoked NT Ramarao to downplay the massive success of Mahanadu.

But then, the Chief Minister should answer why it is wrong even if the manifestos inspired the TDP manifesto in the recent Karnataka elections.

The same Chief Minister can inspire his three capitals idea from a backward country like South Africa in another part of the World but inspiration from Karnataka is a crime.

Interestingly, Jagan also says Chandrababu can not have his own ideas because he is not in the middle of the people.

This statement comes from the Chief Minister who locked himself in Tadepalli palace after coming to power. The Chief Minister is coming to the public meetings only as the elections are nearing.

Also, he makes sure that roads are barricaded on both sides whenever he comes. And then, there is the Tamasha of shutting down of shops, etc.

And then, Jagan has the audacity to say Chandrababu does not go to the people.

Jagan speeches these days reeking a lack of confidence. They are more about frustration with TDP going upwards. But then, he is only exposing his desperation which will damage YSR Congress further. The CM’s speech writers can do better!