Kesineni NaniThere are rumors that TDP MP Kesineni Nani might be given the skip for the Vijaywada MP ticket in the next elections. There are reports that Nani’s brother, Chinni might be given the ticket this time around.

As always, Chandrababu appears to have operated as the troubleshooter in order to keep hold of Nani, who is one of the senior pros in the party.

Incidentally, Kesineni Nani is one of the many TDP bigwigs to have received Chandrababu Naidu in Delhi today.

Nani came back to Naidu’s camp and was seen having a smiling conversation with the latter while on the Delhi trip.

There have also been reports that Nani could be leaving TDP and join YSRCP but this narrative has been quashed by Nani himself today as he was seen in CBN’s camp.

As for Naidu, as he in Delhi to meet with BJP bigwigs Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in connection with possible alliance ahead of 2024 Andhra Pradesh elections.