The Fees reimbursement controversy is getting murkier every day. Alleging that there is big corruption in the scheme, Telangana government has cancelled the scheme and is now creating a new scheme called FAST – Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana which will only pay the fees of Telangana students whose families are residing in the region prior to 1956. On the other side, Telangana government has 1300 Crores arrears pending in the Fees Reimbursement.

This amount was supposed to be paid by then government in United State but the arrears were forwards to AP and Telangana governments. Alleging Corruption and Andhra Students benefits, Telangana government is thinking on the lines not to pay this 1300 Crore arrears. The government is even ready to fight it out in the courts. This decision can prove death blow to the private colleges who already in crisis.