T-TDP leaders donate for Seema Andhra Capital

Annual TDP meeting, Mahanadu is currently underway in Gandipet. In what could be a moving move, several Telangana TDP leaders have donated generously for building the capital of Seema Andhra. The interesting series of events took place with TDP Kodangal MLA Revanth Reddy announcing a donation of 2 Lakh rupees for the state capital. He announced that Telugu people where ever in the world are brothers and it is his responsibility to lend them a helping hand.

Once Revanth announced his donation, several Telangana TDP leaders have announced their contributions towards Seema Andhra capital and within a short time donations reached several Lakhs. The Seema Andhra leaders and cadre who have attended the meeting were moved by their generosity. Later in his speech, Chandra Babu mentioned that this act of Telangana leaders proved that Telugu Desam Party is committed to the welfare of Telugu people wherever they are present.