TDP-JanasenaTDP and JanaSena have announced that they are contesting together in the coming elections and the stage is being prepared for the seat allocation discussion between the two parties.

JanaSena and TDP are forming two committees to hold discussions on the various aspects of the alliance and subsequent political affairs.

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Nadendla Manohar will lead the discussion for JanaSena and he will be accompanied by a JanaSena leader from Telangana, which could be an indication that the alliance will continue in Telangana as well.

Amidst rumors that TDP and JanaSena are likely to contest in 80 constituencies in Telangana, this move from JanaSena to include a Telangna-based leader in the alliance committee has created interest.

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Nara Lokesh will be returning from Delhi soon and he will take part in a meeting with Chandrababu tomorrow in Mulakat hours. The final call on TDP alliance committee members will be taken in the meeting.

The meeting between Janasena and TDP leaders will be held this month itself and several key decisions are expected to be taken here.

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