TDP Exposes Jagan, But Three Years LateJust before the 2019 elections, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led a delegation of the party leaders to Delhi complaining to the Election Commission that 36 DSPs newly appointed in AP belong to Chandrababu’s community and they will rig the election in TDP’s favor.

While it is factually incorrect, YSR Congress was able to add casteist color to TDP which also played a role in the party’s defeat. Three years after that, TDP MLA Nimmala Ramanaidu asked a question in the assembly to clarify the allegation.

The Government has given a written reply to that statement that there is no truth in that and only five out of the 36 DSPs belong to Chandrababu Naidu‘s community.

Ramanaidu displayed the written reply in the house and cleared it before the live cameras. But then, the damage has been already done and TDP may be late by three years in clarifying it.

That is an indication of how YSR Congress has approached the 2019 elections with the motive of winning it at any cost.