The YSRCP is emphasizing the BC (Backward Classes) mantra for the Eluru Lok Sabha seat, with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Jana Sena, and BJP posing as significant obstacles in the candidate selection process. There is confusion surrounding which party will be allotted the Eluru MP seat.

Historically, Maganti Babu from the TDP and Kavuru Sambasivarao from the Congress have been contenders for this position, engaging in political battles without hesitation.

Magantibabu, who holds political and family prestige, is eager to contest the position once again. His supporters are appealing to the TDP leadership to provide Maganti another chance, emphasizing the need for direct political involvement to recover from the family’s ups and downs, aligning with the financial constraints faced by the Maganti family.

However, several other individuals have expressed interest in the MP race.

The YSRCP has nominated Karumuri Sunilkumar from the BC group as its party candidate, marking his emergence after four years as a candidate from the BC’s main party for the MP post. As the son of Minister Karumuri and with a solid financial background, Sunilkumar’s candidacy aligns well with the BC mantra.

Simultaneously, Gorumuchu Gopalyadav from the Chintalapudi constituency has declared his intention to contest from the TDP, anticipating the thoughts of the YSRCP.

Belonging to the Yadava community and possessing financial stability, Gopalyadav is gaining favor within the TDP for his candidature.

Adding to the mix is the sudden emergence of Kambhampati Rammohana Rao, a favorite of the TDP leadership. Rammohana Rao’s name was prominent in the last Lok Sabha elections, and party sources indicate his willingness to contest from Eluru again, now under consideration.

While the YSRCP candidate hails from the BC community, Rammohana Rao’s inclusion has garnered interest within the TDP.

Notably, the names of Dhaniyala Venkateswara Rao, along with figures like Maganti and Gopal, have been prominently discussed. Kambhampati’s sudden prominence is viewed as the latest development in the ongoing efforts to secure a foothold in Eluru.