TDP-Taneti-Vanitha-Co-Operative-Urban-Bank-Kovvur-YSR Congress has got a shock from Home Minister Taneti Vanitha’s own constituency – Kovvur. TDP has won the Urban Bank election here unanimously.

The ruling party could not even field a candidate in the eleven director posts.

The directors have elected TDP leader Maddipatla Siva Ramakrishna as the Bank President.

He has become the Urban Bank President for the fifth time on a trot.

Vanitha tried her level best to defeat TDP in this election. At the last minute, they even tried to postpone the elections in the name of the Three-man committee.

But at the end of the day, TDP bettered the game and had the last laugh.

YSR Congress‘s high command has sought information about what went wrong in the election.

Vanitha won the 2019 elections from the Kovvur constituency with a majority of over 25K votes but it looks like the constituency is fastly slipping out of hands.