The Other Side Of Chandrababu We Do Not KnowTDP Senior Leader Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy has been unwell for quite some time. He has been inactive and is trying to make his son, Sudheer as his heir.

Gopalakrishna Reddy was admitted to hospital recently and got discharged. On Friday, he celebrated his Birthday and got a big surprise.

TDP Supremo and Bojjala’s long time associate, Chandrababu Naidu came to his house and celebrated the Senior Leader’s Birthday. He brought a TDP symbol cake with him too.

Bojjala who is a wheel chair looked like very a happy man in the pictures out on social media. He will definitely be because he is someone so irrelevant politically yet Naidu went all the way and made his day.

People are appreciating this gesture of Naidu on social media. But not many know Naidu’s humane side. He is always caring towards the issues of the cadre and his leaders.

There are many leaders whom Naidu helped when in need but he never publicizes them. We only come to know about it when some one speaks about it years later.

But they do not become so viral. But this time, this act of Naidu came to everyone’s notice and left them with a good feeling.