TTD EO Dharma Reddy

For the last few years, there has been a complaint about the constantly descending size of the Tirumala Laddu. The main complaint is that the size of the laddu is getting smaller while the price has been hiked to Rs 50.

When asked to comment on this topic, TTD EO Dharma Reddy refuted the complaint that the size of the laddu is reducing.

“The standard sizing is being followed. The size of the laddu hasn’t gotten any smaller. The pricing can’t be reduced.” the EO said. He tried to consolidate this argument by saying that each pilgrim is being given one free laddu and additional ones can be procured at Rs 50 each.

When asked about the possibility of imposing only nominal prices for busses from Tirupati to Tirumala, the EO said this issue can’t be resolved by the TTD.

Incidentally, Nara Lokesh had recently stated that once the TDP government comes to power, they will immediately work on the deteriorating quality of the Tirumala Laddu and revive the historic culture of quality prasadam.