Nara Lokesh

The Tirumala Balaji temple is one of the holy shrines in India and attracts millions of devotees every year. But of late, there has been one main complaint on Tirumala and this is regarding the depleting quality of the Tirumala Laddu.

The complaint is that the quality of the famous Tirumala Laddu has been going down in the recent past.

Taking to Twitter, a user wrote “Tirupathi laddu quality thagipoyina feeling came ..for the first time, asalu taste ledhu .. just patiki bellam thintunatu vundhi.” Another netizen further forwarded this and tagged Nara Lokesh in the same as he wrote “
Meru win Ayetha first slove chayali ee issue neee @naralokesh Requesting”.

Lokesh was quick to respond to the issue and he made an affirmative statement on the same.

“We’ve been hearing several complaints about the falling standards of the much venerated Tirupati Laddu. The original quality of the divine Prasadam will be restored in Mar/ Apr of 2024 when we take over. You’ll find out the difference. #OmNamoVenkatesaya” Lokesh tweeted.

These are the kind of promises that usually attract the social media crowd and create a lasting impression amongst the neutral voters as well.