1.1 Crore Voters

It has been four days since the end of the general elections, and we have to wait until June 4 for the results. Currently, the people of the Markapuram constituency are eagerly anticipating the outcome. Leaders and activists are deeply engaged in calculations, with clear possibilities of major parties showing dominance in two mandals within the constituency.

Analysts predict that the majority in Markapuram will be crucial for anyone’s victory. Historically, except for the 1994 elections, the people of Markapuram town have consistently given victory to the TDP. Even in past three-cornered contests, the TDP maintained strong support in Markapuram.

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Since its inception, the TDP has dominated here, with no record of any other party prevailing. The TDP has always held power in the town through various elections. Although the TDP lost the Markapuram segment in the 2014 elections, it still managed a majority of 3,500 votes in the town.

In the 2019 elections, despite Jagan’s overall victory, the TDP’s urban stronghold in Markapuram remained intact. Immadi Kashinad, who left the TDP to contest on behalf of the Janasena, split the votes, but TDP candidate Kandula Narayana Reddy still achieved a majority of 1,450 votes in the town.

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This election, Anna Rambabu from the Arya Vaishya community is contesting on behalf of the YSRCP. Party sources are confident they will secure a majority in the town for the first time.

The Arya Vaishya community has traditionally supported the TDP from the beginning and has been a backbone of the party, even in challenging times.

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Booth numbers 24 to 81 in Markapuram constituency are considered urban booths, and some Arya Vaishya community voters are placing bets on these booths as well.