Ram Mandir Surya Tilak

A holy sight was witnessed at the famous Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram Navami today as the iconic Surya Tilak Darshan happened in the early hours of 17 April.

The mechanism behind the Surya Tilak is such that a set of mirrors is assembled in a computerized rig that carefully directs the sunrays from the top of the Ayodhya Mandir to the Ram idol that is placed inside the temple. The end product is that sun rays from the top of the temple are directed through a rig-like structure and eventually fall on the Ram idol to give Surya Tilak darshan.

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What must be noted is that this idea was earlier devised by master craftsman SS Rajamouli for the Telugu Talli statue in the AP assembly in Amaravati.

Earlier, Rajamouli proposed a plan to set up a mirrored rig that is operated through a computer to make the sun rays fall from the top of the assembly onto the Telugu Thalli statue inside the assembly. This would make for a stellar sight in the assembly.

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The idea that was originally proposed by Rajamouli has now been mastered by IIT Roorkee to create the mirrored rig at the Ayodhya Mandir for the Surya Tilak darshan.

Incidentally, Rajamouli and Chandrababu Naidu were trolled by a section back in those days. Now a similar idea has won the Nationwide Appreciation.

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