Kesineni Nani - Chandrababu NaiduTelugu Desam Party faced its first dissent from Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani after the elections. We have seen how Kesineni used to make uncomfortable comments against the party in Facebook immediately after the result. Apparently, there is a buzz that Nani is not happy about being overlooked for the Parliamentary Party Leader.

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Later, he is engaged with an open fight with MLC Buddha Venkanna on Twitter. Back then, there were speculations that Nani would leave TDP and join BJP. But that did not happen and he gradually became active in the party. Today he has emerged as a Troubleshooter for Chandrababu Naidu.

The party supremo has asked him and former MP, Konakalla Narayana to speak to Vallabhaneni Vamsi who announced quitting from Politics over the Ruling Party’s Vendetta Politics. Kesineni Nani is trying to convince Vamsi to take back his decision and stay in the party.

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It looks like Trouble Maker once Became the Troubleshooter For Chandrababu now.