North Star Mall in Texas USAAnother day, another reporting of gun violence in the USA. This has become an all too familiar story. The latest news is regarding a gun shooting at North Star Mall in Texas, USA.

In a shocking video, we see tens of commoners running for cover following a gun shooting incident at the North Star Mall in Texas. We also see many Indians running for cover in this video.

The police have identified that this is not a mass shooting and rather a targeted one. Two men were seen walking into the mall and enter a saloon where they opened fire on their target.

The San Antonio police have concluded that there is no active scene now and an investigation is underway to trace and track the suspects who shot at a victim who was getting a haircut at the mall.

Texas has a large populous of the Telugu community and any fatal incident here will leave the families in a tense and horrifying state. Recently, at a shooting in a Mall, a Telangana native lost her life and this struck the Telugu community hard. Luckily, this time around, there was no harm done to the Telugu folk.