YSR Congress Party leaders are trying their best to get crowd for their campaigns but unfortunately, people are not showing interest in attending their rallies. It is heard that the YCP leaders are also paying money but still, people aren’t showing up for their campaigns.

Recently, YCP’s Nellore Lok Sabha contestant Vijaya Sai Reddy experienced a humiliating experience where people left his campaign rally midway.

During Vijaya Sai Reddy’s speech in Sitaramapuram located in the Udayagiri Assembly constituency, people started leaving the meeting midway through. Even local leaders of the YCP followed suit, exiting the event before its conclusion/

Upon noticing the poor response, the main leaders made announcements over the microphone, urging people to stay by mentioning the availability of food. Despite their efforts, the audience remained unmoved and continued to leave.

Vijaya Sai Reddy maintained a stoic expression as he observed the leaving crowd. The video clip of this incident is now going viral on social media.