Telangana Minister Srinivas Goud has flouted all rules. He used a police weapon to fire shots in the air during a crowded event at the Freedom rally in Hyderabad.

He used SLR (a prohibited bore weapon) to fire shots. This is the second such thing in this last week.

It is illegal for someone to use a Police weapon. The police officer who let it happen is also liable for punishment along with the Minister.

But it is clear in the video that the police officials have become spectators and some of them were also clapping after the minister fired the gun.

There have been demands that Telangana DGP should initiate action against all the police officials and also the minister.

People are demanding that the ruling party leaders should not get away flouting rules and causing danger to the public.

“I have shot a rubber bullet. I am a member of the Rifle association. SP himself gave me the gun,” the minister explained.