YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a Special Interview to TV9 Rajinikanth. Since Jagan is someone who does not give interviews, there is an interest on this interview.

But Rajinikanth decided to make it a Pro-YSR Congress material by skipping important questions.

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He only asked softball questions which Jagan can easily answer. He did not even dare to counter the answers that appeared silly.

About Viveka’s Murder case, Jagan tried to portray Avinash Reddy as a small innocent kid.

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He also tried to dilute the fight of Suneetha and Sharmila saying that he does not want more than one from a single generation to be in politics.

He is indirectly hinting that Sharmila revolted against him only because she was not given political posts.

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Jagan’s comments have become a butt of jokes on social media. Netizens are mocking him for his anti-nepotism comments while he himself is a product of Nepotism.

Also, Rajinikanth missed two important questions pertaining to Viveka’s case. He may have missed or he may be not allowed to ask.

Sharmila is repeatedly asks two important questions – Why did Sakshi say it was a Heart Attack when blood spilled all over the house and the brain came out? Why did Jagan withdraw his petition for the CBI inquiry after coming to power?

Rajinikanth did not ask both of these questions.

Jagan or Avinash Reddy can not claim innocence without answering these questions correctly.