Vishakapatnam is obviously most developed city in Andhra Pradesh.

For some reason, YSR Congress is unable to crack this city. YSR Congress faced three elections in its history so far and Jagan Mohan Reddy tried hard to win the grip over the city but the people are not budging.

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There are six constituencies under Vishakapatnam. Four – Vizag East, Vizag West, Vizag North, and Vizag South are the urban constituencies while there are two rural constituencies – Gajuwaka and Bheemili.

In all the three elections, YSR Congress was unable to open its account in the four urban constituencies.

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Jagan fielded his mother Vijaya Lakshmi for Vishakapatnam Parliament in 2014. It was her first and the only election but she met with defeat. And that too in the hands of a BJP candidate.

In 2019, even the Jagan’s wave across the state could not salvage the pride of YSR Congress in Vishakapatnam. Again the party did not open account in all the four constituencies.

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After that Jagan unleashed possibly his biggest weapon on the people of Vishakapatnam. He brought the concept of three capitals and made Vishakapatnam as the Executive Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Everyone in YSR Congress projected Vizag as the only capital and were constantly hinting that three capitals idea was only to bypass legal hurdles for removing Amaravati.

Even then people of Vizag did not believe. Jagan did not lay a brick in Vishakapatnam in the last five years except for his Palace destroying Rushikonda.

There was no noticeable development in the city and people understood it does not matter if the city is a capital or not given that Jagan is incapable of doing anything related to development.

Usually, when a capital is announced, along with the Urban constituencies, the rural constituencies under Vizag should be influenced.

But YSR Congress draw a blank in Gajuwaka and Bheemili as well. In Gajuwaka and Bheemili, they were able to open account in 2019 but lost even those in 2024.

Here is an interesting stat. If we consider all the six constituencies under Vishakapatnam, TDP+ candidates were able to poll 63.9% of the vote share while YSR Congress managed only 29.9%.

This is about ten percent less than what they polled across the state (39.37%). With the biggest plank like Capital, this result is nothing short of biggest humiliation for Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Fielding his mother, the wave across the state, and the Capital plank – nothing could save Jagan which means basically the people of Vizag just do not trust Jagan no matter what.