Andhra Pradesh had registered a Voter Turnout of 81.86% in the just concluded elections. This is around 2% more than what the state registered in the 2019 elections.

In all the constituencies of the celebrities – Kuppam, Pulivendula, Pithapuram, and Mangalagiri, the Voter Turnout is higher than the state average voter turnout.

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Surprisingly, it is lower in Balakrishna’s Hindupur.

It is 77.82% in Hindupur. If we add the Postal Ballot Votes as well, it will be more or less the same as the 2019 Voter Turnout (77.98%) or very slightly more.

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This is a completely contrasting trend when compared to other constituencies of celebrities.

Probably, this is due to the lack of enthusiasm in the YSR Congress camp about this seat.

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Hindupur is the bastion of the Telugu Desam Party. The party won every single election ever since its inception.

Even in Jagan’s wave in 2019, Balakrishna won from Hindupur with an even better majority than in 2014. This is when TDP won only three seats in Rayalaseema and when Chandrababu’s majority also got decreased.

In Hindupur, Balakrishna’s rival is Deepika. Her campaign is totally lackluster. There is group politics in Hindupur YSR Congress and there is no unity among the leaders. Balakrishna is fully confident about his victory in Hindupur and has campaigned mostly in the rest of the state.

Even in surveys predicting the YSR Congress’s victory, no agency gave a chance to the YSR Congress in Hindupur.

As a result, the electioneering is very dull from the YSR Congress camp in Hindupur.

As they did not make an attempt to bring voters to the polling stations, the voter turnout is low when compared to other constituencies.

Some people say the lower turnout may be because of the Urban voters in Hindupur town and migrated people. But analysts say most migration takes place to Bengaluru which is very close and if there is an attempt by the Opposition, it is not difficult to bring them.

If the contest is not tough, even the sitting side would not make a big attempt to increase the polling.