World Cup Final Crores Of Betting

It is known that Team India faced a disappointing defeat against Australia in the all-important World Cup finale last night. There is another major thing associated with the finale and that is unsolicited sports gambling.

It is estimated that crores of rupees changed hands last night as a part of the extensive betting on the match between India and Australia. The Telugu states also saw extensive betting happening last night, according to reports.

Apparently, several farmhouses in the outskirts of Hyderabad – Shameerpet, Moinabad, and Rajendranagar were booked by sports enthusiasts to watch the World Cup, it seems. A similar scene was seen in the Godavari districts, and pretty much all parts of the Telugu states.

It is established the usage of physical cash for these betting activities subsided after the inception of online betting. People are now using online mediums to place bets, say reports.

Reportedly, Telangana police were involved with election patroling and related duties. Bookies and betters used this opportunity to work their tricks on the world cup final day and it is estimated that tens of crores changed hands last night after the completion of the game.

The exact volume of the bets can’t be figured out due to the fact that all of this is carried out through illicit means and it is hard to track the same.