state's secretariat

There are no limits to the atrocities committed by the YCP government in Andhra Pradesh. Things have stooped so low that the government has put the state’s secretariat on mortgage for an amount of Rs. 370 crores.

Initially, the government attempted to secure a loan from ICICI Bank but faced rejection. Eventually, it pledged the property to HDFC Bank for 370 crore rupees.

In the past, YCP leaders accused Chandrababu Naidu of misusing Rs. 700 crores for the construction of five blocks comprising the secretariat, legislative assembly, and legislative council, a project that was worth only Rs. 100 crores.

However, by just pledging five blocks of the secretariat, the government managed to get a loan of Rs. 370 crores.

Social media users allege that Jagan utilized 10 crores to demolish buildings in Rushikonda, diverting the remaining amount to construct a palace in the same region.

On the whole, the YCP government has plunged the state into severe financial distress through reckless borrowing, culminating in the necessity to pledge the state’s own secretariat.